Matty V was previously involved with the following podcasts:

LeadSockz Cast




Matty V was a co-host on the comedy podcast LeadSockz


Checked Out Library Podcast




Matty V was a co-host on the library podcast Checked Out Podcast



In 2013 Matty V operated his own podcast following the success of his Interviews. Below is an archive of the episodes.



Episode 8: Gendered Gaming – Sarah “The Rebel” Rodriguez



Episode 7: In My Opinion – Kristine Lim & Hebah Moussa



Episode 6: Asian Girls are like Unicorns – Su Castillo



Episode 5: Bullying and Mental Health – Seb Sharp


Episode 4: Islam, Multiculturalism and Terrorism (and Santa) – Hebah Moussa



Episode 3: Burning The Economy – Tales of a Michigan Firefighter – Willy Hodge


Episode 2: Independent Music and Reality TV – Krishool


Episode 1: Homosexuality and Homophobia in Australia – Cettina Raccuia




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  1. Robert Hadley

    I found you guys on stitcher and love to listen to you guys at work. Please keep the episodes coming. You two are too funny. Mang mang mang


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